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•   Christine Bumpus (Wilson)  1/14
•   Christopher Hart  1/14
•   Mickey Reed (Goldwater)  1/9
•   George Curtis Holland  12/27
•   Walter Rotsch  12/16
•   Mike Carden  12/12
•   Warren Miller  12/3
•   Pat Fincher (Schuldt)  9/6
•   Byron Willeford  9/6
•   Guy Smith  9/5
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•   Joe Helton  1/16
•   Betty Evans  1/17
•   David Tisinger  1/21
•   Campbell Wren  1/26
•   Eric Shield  1/27
•   David Martinez  1/28
•   Charles Palmer  1/28
•   Robert White  2/4
•   Fredrick Matsen  2/5
•   Madeleine Peppel (Villatoro)  2/5
•   Linda Prentice (Dill)  2/8
•   Cel Rutledge  2/10
•   Arthur (Danny) Stone  2/11
•   James Bergquist  2/12
•   Tom Bergquist  2/12
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Welcome to AHS 61

    Official Website       

       This site is being set up as an ongoing tool for us to communicate with one another.  It is safe to use and no one will be spamming you and there will be no advertising.  If you do not want some of your information to be seen, you have the ability to lock it up.  No one can access the information without being signed up as a member.  To sign in, go the the box on the right and make up a password, then click on "Classmate profiles"  to locate your name.  You can click on any of the pages listed in the column on the left.

     This site isn't about waistlines, hairlines, or credit lines.  It's about lifelines.  It's about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives.  When you register, you'll create a profile by answering a series of questions.  Most questions are optional.  The ones you answer will be displayed in your profile: the ones you don't answer will not.  Don't be shy.  The more you tell about yourself, the more other members will interact with you.  Once you've completed your registration, you can view the profiles of other registered classmates. Looking forward to seeing all of your profile pages with lots of photos!

We are having such a wonderful time getting together with our classmates. It's NOT just girls....guys are coming and it's awesome.

Every third Tuesday of the month is when we meet at

Los Abuelos

2901 S. Capital of TX Hwy, Barton Creek Square Mall, Austin, TX

(Note: Not in the mall building but just south of the parking lot in a separate building.)

You won't be disappointed I promise. It's so fun catching up from friends from high school and renewing wonderful memories. If you live out of town and happen to be in town on one of these Tuesday please make it a point to come join us....and IF you live in town it's worth coming and seeing old friends. AWESOME :)



Help us find our missing classmates!  
We still need about 347 email addresses!

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Let's spread the word & continue to find as many classmates as we can.

A quick way for us to catch up with each other
is to read each other's Profile pages!
Have you filled yours out?  Have you uploaded current photos?

Leave a Message.  Share a Memory
Check out the map of Where We All Live
Remember those we've Lost. 

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